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Deddy's stainless steel knife set comes complete with 5 smart grip, professional grade knives, an at home sharpener, kitchen shears and peeler – equipped with everything a seasoned or new cook needs to throw down!

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or you need this knife set yourself, it's the perfect addition to any kitchen and exactly what you need to help you Nyam Ah Yuh Yawd!

Chef, Father, Husband
& Man of God.

After being laid off in 2020 from the kitchen job he'd had for 19 years, Deddy’s daughter, Sasha, pitched an idea a bit out of his comfort zone. A Cooking Channel on YouTube. Nervous to get in front of the camera, Deddy decided he’d have to give it a try for the sake of his family and all the people interested in his recipes. 3 years later, the husband & Father of four amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers, millions of views and has caught the attention of people around the globe. Deddy, who is also known to family and friends as Errol, is now a well known and loved community figure in Toronto and around the world. His goal is to continue to pour into the lives and homes of his ever-growing audience & inspire them to cook with love. Now, after 3 years of his subscribers DEMANDING, Deddy is FINALLY ready to release his own line of products and merch! We continue to thank God for growth!